a little about me…

My name is Steph. I am an English Literature student studying in the wonderful city of Bath, the neighbouring city to my favourite place in the world; the beautiful Bristol. I have a passion for writing, art, photography, sport (not rollerblading) and travelling. I will use this blog as an output for the stress of University deadlines, the excitement of prospective new adventures and the trauma of having no money.

One of my best experiences, trying (and failing) at rollerblading on Venice Beach.

I guess to a certain extent, I have always been fascinated with travelling. In the past three years I have been very fortunate and been presented with some amazing opportunities to travel to some incredible places, including the likes of France, Egypt, Florida, Greece, The Philippines and my biggest adventure of all; the big USA. I will try to recap my adventures as accurately as possible. It has been a big regret of mine that I did not start this blog when I commenced my adventures especially whilst I was in America, but fortunately I have been blessed with people that know when I need a push to start something up  (thank you Dad and Charlie). But due to this late start up I have many adventures to write and catch up on, so will not struggle for topics, well not for the next couple of weeks anyway! I intend to write a post every Wednesday (we’ll see how long that lasts… I’ve never been good at keeping up with things like this)

But I hope y’all enjoy my thoughts, musings, photographs and doodles.
Loads of Love

Steph xoxox

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