The Bucket List

To break up some of my adventures (and so I don’t run out of places rapidly) I’ve decided to add in some other travel related and maybe even some lifestyle posts! Enjoy!

Tomb Stoning in Majorca

As long as I can remember, I have always had a list of things to do before I die. I have lost count of how many I have made, each list become longer, more extravagant and more extreme to satisfy my addiction for adrenaline. Here, I am going to write my most ‘up to date’ list and hopefully I will see the day where every single one is crossed off!

Jet Skiing in Zante

-Bunjee Jumping                             -Visit the Taj Mahal

-Learn to Surf                                 -Wind Surf
-Kite Surfing                                   -Go to a Rodeo
-Scuba Diving                                 -See the Northern Lights
-Sand Boarding                               -New Years Eve in Times Square
-Go on a Safari                                -Visit Hawaii
-Fly First Class                                -White Water Rafting

-Ride a Camel                                  -Tomb Stoning

-Visit the Pyramids                           -Hot Air Balloon Ride

-Sky Dive                                        -Swim with Dolphins

-Water Zorbing                                -Skiing/Snowboarding

-Jet Skiing                                        -Give Blood

-Ride an Elephant

My plan is for each country I visit I will complete at least one of the activities on the list. I hope you have enjoyed this short post.. I’ll be back next Wednesday!
Loads of love
Steph xoxo
Surfing on Newport Beach

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