Zante, Greece

Where to start with Zante? If you are a massive party animal or even if you just want a relaxing week, Zante is a beautiful island and most definitely worth visiting.

Credit to one of the 21 people that I went with…

As most people do, my friends and I decided we would go on a ‘piss up’ holiday at the end of year 13, to celebrate the end of exams and make the most of our new found freedom! With 8 girls and 13 boys, as you can imagine it was hard to organise (massive props to Jenna). We wanted the holiday to be as cheap as possible whilst being relatively close to the strip. We ended up staying in the Cavo D’oro hotel. Literally your bog standard hotel with a lack of air conditioning but a pool to make up for it! The hotel is surrounded by restaurants and only a 10 euro taxi trip away from the infamous Laganas strip. Also just across the road is an amazing Karaoke bar called Antonis, where we spent the majority of our time.

Unfortunately the day before I left for Zante, I broke up with my boyfriend of two years. It didn’t help that the next day the whole left side of my face had been bitten and were absolutely covered in spots. I may or may not have spent most of the week in an unshakeable funk. But I was surrounded by amazing and supportive people and they somehow managed to ensure that I still had a good time.

Best Club – Absolutely no question! Zeros Club! They did an incredible paint party on our last night out and it was by far the best! They even provide you with an overall and t-shirt so you don’t have to get your clothes dirty if you don’t want to.

I know, I know. I’m incredibly attractive.
Always absolutely heaving!
I’m pretty sure I had to shower three times before the paint completely cam off…


Best Restaurant– Tricky one!! Other than Antonis, I would say Akropolis! We had an amazing meal for reasonable prices and afterwards a few of us did an adventurous shot.. One included having alcohol lit inside your mouth, the other (which I did), a sambuka shot being swallowed through a tobasco filled straw, followed by inhaling fire trapped under a glass. My mouth was on fire for10 minutes.

Best Beach– Absolutely no question! Banana Beach! They offer a variety of water sports and activities. This is where I went jet skiing for the first time on my own and every activity ranges between 15-40 euros. Including anything from banana boats to parasailing!

Credit to Sinead Byrom!

Best Activity– I missed out on one boat trip as I couldn’t afford it but I know that three of my good friends went on an amazing Turtle Spotting one! And I am sure they would recommend it in a heartbeat… The one I did go on was also pretty cool! We went to see the shipwreck where the waters are so incredibly blue it takes your breath away… We were also meant to go into the blue caves, but as the water was too choppy it was a danger to (apparently, I personally think they were just being lazy, but you know. Whatever).

I am one to give credit where it is due, what made my holiday so special was I got to go with these guys. I don’t think it would have been bearable had they not been there. Jenna on the left who never failed to make me laugh, Alice on the right who is awful at keeping at touch but one of the most genuine, honest and intelligent (academically only!) people I have ever met. Finally, Scott. A person I have no doubt will go far in life, he is one of the most amazing, caring and motivated people I have ever had the fortune to meet. He is an all round incredible person and I swear, one day you will have heard of him!

Zante is an incredible island and it is most definitely worth a visit, especially with the right people! Beautiful scenery, amazing people and a shit load of alcohol. What more could you want?! Even though I spent a lot of the week on the verge of tears and claiming it to be the worst week of my life, on reflection I did have an incredible time and I don’t regret going at all. Not even a little bit.


Abi, another beautiful and incredible person.
Pretty much sums her up!
The dreaded shot. Yes, the blue thing is fire!

As always, loads of love


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