The Start of Spring Break…

After what seems to have been the longest term on earth; it’s finally Spring Break!!

After multiple deadlines, I decided that my last week of term was going to be a relaxed week with absolutely no uni work involved.

The weekend started on Thursday. It has been my plan to travel South East Asia for some time now and after much deliberation my best friend (Tierney) and I made our way to STA Travel, just to get a vague idea of what we were doing/where we were going. We came out with booked flights to Bangkok.

After putting down a £49 deposit, we decided we deserved a treat for being productive and finally taking the leap of faith. We each bought a honeycomb white chocolate ice cream and sat by the harbour, planning our adventure starting on the 4th of August.

Friday came and I was dreading my four hour shift at work with the expectations time was going to freeze. BUT new people had started and it’s always exciting seeing some new faces… getting to know new people always makes the time fly by.

After a two hour gym session, Charlie arrived in Bath and we headed home to order Chinese and make brownies…

It’s no secret that I am the the world’s worst cook; so it’s safe to say he did most of the baking.

Being the big kids we are, we decided that we were going to make a den to sleep in for the weekend.

Saturday morning we woke up to go to Bristol Zoo… The one day we decide to do something the weather turns icy cold… typical.

The monkeys, meerkats and the aquarium were my favourites… Basically the whole zoo.

More favourites from the zoo….

And today is the day I finally got to come home. I am currently watching some crime program with my family, tucked up next to the fire after a killer roast dinner. There really is no place like home.

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