Beautiful Bristol

It is no secret that Bristol is one of my favourite places in the World… My workplace is within the super modern Cabot Circus (also known as The Glass House) meaning that a lot of my time is spent in the city, yet despite the amount of time spent here, Bristol always manages to surprise me somehow…

My favourite place to study when the sun is out is the beautiful College Green; located right next to the Cathedral.

It helps that it’s located right near to one of my favourite roads in Bristol… Park Street.

Tierney and I always seem to have the best sunny days together and one sunny morning after studying on the green for a while we decided to grab lunch. Park Street is full of cafes and restaurants but we decided to try out a new vintage tea room called “The Tea Birds”,  I can genuinely their cream teas are delicious! Not normally my kind of place but was absolutely perfect for that day.

What’s great about Bristol is there are sections for everything… or maybe that’s just because I like everything to be organised. There’s a section for shopping, going out, relaxing. It’s just a really amazing city and I am very proud to call this place home (or at least close to home).

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