Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

After being on the coach for 6 hours, I was falling asleep on Sophie’s shoulder as the bus slowly rolled on through the endless amount of desert when BAM! A huge cluster of lights appeared in the middle of the blackness, we had arrived in Vegas.

When Sophie and I started making our travelling plans we had decided that we wouldn’t go to Vegas as neither of us were 21. Amongst other things the Grand Canyon was on our “All American Bucket List” and the most convenient place to leave from was from the Gambling City.

I am so grateful that our adventures took us to Vegas. It is a place like no other. They say New York is the city that never sleeps, I would argue that it’s Vegas. Well, it certainly doesn’t sleep during the night.

We started off by exploring all the hotels. The Venetian is beautiful but such a brain tease when you go in during the night, the blue sky ceiling confused our already jet lagged brains! All the hotels are absolutely stunning and definitely worth visiting, even if it’s just to see the incredible receptions and displays.

As we couldn’t gamble, we decided to go into every rest room and take photos and compare to see which was the most impressive.

The dancing fountains in front of the Bellagio was easily one of the highlights, it really is spectacular.

One evening we were feeling particular adventurous so after a day of lounging by the stratosphere pool we headed up to try out their rides… The views are spectacular… being dropped over the edge of a hotel is terrifying.

That night we headed to bed early in preparation for our 6am start to the Grand Canyon…

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