The Grand Canyon

With difficulty we moaned and groaned as we woke up at 5am and shuffled round our hostel room trying not to wake up our French room mates. We were heading to the Grand Canyon.

After a three hour nap on the coach, we eventually stopped at Hoover Dam, where we had 15 minutes to take some quick snaps before continuing on our journey.

About an hour later we stopped for a toilet break on Route 66. The trip wouldn’t have been the same without this stop. We went into this incredible shop with different currencies all over the wall… Knowing the Brits are so stereotypically stingy, I wasn’t so surprised when I only found one £5 note from England.

After what seemed like infinity on the coach, we finally arrived at the Grand Canyon. There are no words to describe the Grand Canyon, but it really is the most breathtaking landscape I have ever had the blessing to see.

Sophie and I dared ourselves to see how close to the edge we would go.

Dangling our legs over the edge… Terrifying.

I realised that may have not been such a good idea when I found a book on all the deaths in the Grand Canyon.

After a brief three hours exploring, it was time to get back on the coach. Three hours is no where near enough time but due to our tight finance, we couldn’t afford to stay for longer. But next time I’m going to see it properly!

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