Life Lately.

With a never ending pile of books to read, an infinite amount of numbers to write and exams rapidly approaching, I’m starting to feel like a rabbit stuck in headlights and time for this blog is evaporating away but here is a little bit of what I have been getting up to lately.

It was very recently my house mate’s (Meg) Birthday. As we all have a lot of deadlines and a lot of work to get through, we decided to celebrate quietly by going to the movies to watch ‘The Other Woman’. I know what you’re thinking… “Isn’t that the film which is like a middle aged version of John Tucker Must Die?!” Well my friends, it most certainly is not. I was in stitches the whole way through with tears running down my face.
I must say it was amazing to have make up on my face after three days of looking like a slob.
The weekend after, Charlie headed back to Bath in preparation for a Camp America meeting the next day. I was in hope that I would be working, turns out my call in wasn’t used and I had 9 hours to kill in Bristol. But once Charlie had come back I treated myself to an American Apparel dress, a large lunch at GBK, 2 rounds of crazy golf, then drinks with my good friends from work.

My other house mate (Amy)’s friend was visiting her all the way from Dundee, so we headed off to Vodka Revs. I have never been there before but the food was AMAZING. I had the fried chicken wrap. So much yum in one little wrap!
And last night it was my beautiful best friend Tierney’s 21st birthday. As I’ve said before, I am a pro at buying presents; I made her a little photo album filled with memories of our Hollister family, a small box of chocolates, a bracelet and a disposable camera to make sure she had some memories from her special night. I can’t wait to see how they turn out!!! The night consisted of cocktails, dancing and a lot of giggles. This was definitely a night to remember.
My best friend is prettier than yours!
So whilst my exam lurk only 4 days away, I am still procrastinating to the extreme. I have one more American adventure to post before I have officially written about all of my road trip! Maybe I’ll procrastinate writing that post a little too…
How is exam season treating you? Have you all been wonderfully productive or like me doing the more enjoyable things? I mean you only live once and first year doesn’t count anyway… right?!

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