The Finale of First Year

In September 2013, I embarked on my second adventure of the year. I was heading to Bath to start University. 3 house mates down, 20 books read, 8 essays written, 2 exams taken and 0 real meals cooked, my first year of university has flown by and Summer is finally here.

It’s safe to say this was a roller-coaster of an adventure. After being plunged into a house with 8 complete strangers, I found uni life hard to accustom to, I didn’t help myself when I bailed on my first night of freshers. I slowly unpacked my life into room 7, of block O in Langton Court whilst trying to get used to my new house mates and surroundings.

There were clashes, there was yelling, there was banging of pots and pans at 7 in the morning. Not one of the 8 girls in my house were similar. With big personalities and a confined space, it was hard to get along with everyone but I found true friendship in Meg, Amy and Nimara.

Nimara left us after Christmas. But Meg and Amy were my rock. God knows where I would be without them.

After discussing university with my friends and getting the top tips, they emphasised how easy first year was. So I went in thinking the education part would be an absolute doddle. It wasn’t. I struggled. I soon found that this emphasis was exaggeration. I was devastated when I didn’t get the grades I wanted and was quick to lose motivation. For my second year, I will be taking inspiration from my sister, who works and works and works. I have never met anyone with so much dedication to education. She revises a minimum of 9 hours a day without fail, I have no doubt she will be attending Manchester University to study Politics, Philosophy and Economics.

I was lucky to have such amazing tutors. I cried and cried whilst thinking about transferring unis or dropping out. But thinking about how supportive and encouraging my tutors were towards me, encouraged my decision to stay in Bath. It helps that the city is so beautiful…

It’s been a whirlwind of emotions, drama, books and God knows what else. I have gained many friends, a boyfriend (thanks to my night of skipping freshers) and too many photos, but I think it’s safe to say I leave university a little wiser, a little more mature (not too much) and a much more confident person. £9000 is a lot of money to be paying but I am certain when I say, I know more about myself and my abilities, I have made friends and memories that will last me a lifetime and have learnt not only more about English Literature but some valuable life lessons.

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