Summer Moments Part 1

With the weather being so spectacular, I have had some glorious summer moments already, which only makes me even more excited for the rest of summer!

Last Friday I said bye to my favourite guy before he jetted off to America! It was short but sweet but we still managed to make time for ice creams by the beach.
I didn’t have much time to be sad, the next night it was one of my best girl’s at Hollister’s hen party. I was meant to have an early night but it turned into a pretty late one… One of the best nights out I have had in a long time.

Next up Little J’s 18th Birthday! After months of borrowing my ID she can FINALLY use her own. I had a little splurge and bought her a triangl bikini… (still so jealous) and I have a little something else in the making too. As part of the celebrations we headed to Jamie’s italian for an amazing meal! I picked the steak with skinny fries and it’s safe to say it hit the spot perfectly.

After the TOUGHEST day at work, I came to one of my favourite spaces in Bristol, it’s right by temple meads and in the summer it is beautiful. I thought about the happenings of the day and what I can do to make it better, I prayed that next week will be better and easier than this week with less conflicts.
My train journey’s home are normally monotonous and repetitive, but I was pleasantly surprised two nights in a row when I spotted a hot air balloon and saw the most gorgeous sunset.

This past week I have been trying to smash the hours at work in order to save as much as possible for when I go to Thailand, so when I finally got a day off, it was spent doing the things I love best. Lounging in bed, starting a new series of Gossip Girl and a walk around Cheddar Reservoir with Mother with our water puppy Archie.

Then in the evening it was time for more 21st celebrations with one of my best girlfriends Sian. She is such a gem of a person, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone so nice and understanding as her! We started off with cocktails in Browns, followed by a meal in GBK, then drinks at a charming bar called ‘The Woods’ and of course Wetherspoons! No bar crawl is right without Wetherspoons!

And of course today is Father’s Day. My Dad has been wanting some cargo shorts for a while now and I found the perfect pair in Hollister (staff discount of course!), we opened presents this morning and headed over to a pub in East Huntspill called ‘The Crossroads’, we then went to Dad’s best friend’s house for a few drinks and to see their adorable baby foal! I think I’ve fallen in love… (sorry Charlie!)

After a rough week at work, these moments have reminded me of why I’m working so hard and how much I have to look forward to during the rest of summer. I’m just so glad I have this blog to record all these special summer memories, that will probably be forgotten about if not written down. So here’s to summer! And all the wonderful memories to come… and hoping that this next week of work is better than the last!

Love, as always

– S

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