Travel Plans

Hello kids, I’m back again sat at my kitchen table on a quiet Saturday evening with not much else planned (I know my life is so exciting and exhilarating), so obviously the obvious thing to do is continue planning my trip to Thailand.

Recently I’ve been trying to get into the habit of drawing a map of each place I go, so obviously as soon as I got home from STA travel, the coloured pencils were whipped out and I was already planning our route around Thailand. I think this is quite a nice way of recording your trip and one day I hope to cut them all out and pin them onto my wall so I can see all my adventures.

Obviously chocolate is a necessity to get through all this planning

So what draws me to these places we will be travelling to? Well we’ve decided we would start off in Chiang Mai after two recovery days in Bangkok. Chiang Mai is renowned for it’s beautiful temples and elephant nature parks… I have a feeling this will be one of the highlights of Thailand for me… I’ll let you know how if it is 😉

We will then be flying over to the beautiful Bali. Bali was particularly difficult to plan for… but with the help of pinterest (I’ll explain later) and some thorough research I think I’ve decided the best places to go. If any of you have travelled to Bali, your help would be appreciated! So far I’ve decided on Kuta, Lovina and Ubud.

After Bali comes Bangkok! I have a good friend that lives there who I hope I will be seeing, if briefly! I’m so excited for Bangkok, the floating markets, the temples, the emerald Buddha, the King’s palace, oh everything seems so exciting don’t you think?

Now, this part goes in no particular order, I’m still trying to figure out the south! But on the list is Koh Tao, Phuket, Ko Phi Phi, Krabi, Ko Phangang, Ko Samui, Phi Phi Island and Khao Lak. It sounds like a lot of places and I worry we won’t have time to do it all even though we’re there for a relatively long six weeks!

I guess the main attraction of these places are the turquoise waters:

white sand

 and perhaps the Full Moon Party which we will indeed be attending.

And that my friends is our route so far… If you have any other sights or places you’d recommend us visiting then please comment or email me!

Oooooh my favourite part of this post! Pinterest! It’s officially my travel best friend! All credit for these photos go to the users of pinterest.. I would try and individually find the photographers but I ended up running in circles! So if you took any of these photos and want credit, let me know and I will give credit where it’s due.

ANYWAY! After putting together a mood board of all the places I want to go, a golden email arrived in my inbox, “Add a Map to your Travel Board”, I was instantly intrigued. I found out that after all my repinning, reposting and liking god knows how many photos of sights in Thailand, I could now put them in perspective and see how far/close they all were to each other. AH-MAZING! I would thoroughly recommend using it to plan a trip! It’s an easy way of finding out all the sights you want to see.

With less than a month to go I can’t wait for the adventure to begin…

– S x

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