Travel Tips: What’s in my Backpack

I guess normally this kind of post would be what isn’t in my suitcase; before every trip I pack up the majority of my belongings including clothes I never wear and things I never touch. The kind of things you never throw away because, well, you never know! It might come in useful… I mean why wouldn’t I bring a glass photo frame that was clearly going to smash in my suitcase… Yes. That did actually happen…

Okay maybe I wasn’t quite this bad…. It’s safe to say if I struggled, Baby Bird definitely struggled.

 But this time round I’ve been inspired, I’ve seen the light and told myself this time “it’ll be different”. Well I guess what’s going through your heads right now is ‘what has inspired this change?!’ Well my friends this time round I will be ditching the suitcase and grabbing a backpack… and I’m hoping I won’t end up looking like this… again.

Whilst having a suitcase on wheels is very well and convenient for a two week holiday for travelling this convenience goes out the window. Unfortunately I learnt this the hard way. First up. Public transport + massive suitcases = no. Hiking through hills and fields in San Francisco with a suitcase on wheels = big no. It just doesn’t work. So a backpack will be a fun experiment, I like to think I’ll feel and look like a proper traveller. But this means packing what’s necessary and leaving the crap behind.

So… here are the things in my backpack so far…

Bikini: My beloved bikinis courtesy of my wonderful family and my beautiful best friend. With Triangl’s new wetsuit material it’s goodbye unflattering crumpled bikini top and hello recreating the Halle Berry scene in the James Bond movie. And of course not forgetting my Victoria’s Secret bikini from T.. there’s not much to say here except… well… everyone needs Victoria’s Secret! 😉

Bag: A £16.99 bargain from Hollister. I loved this bag when I first saw it but it cost the unfriendly price of £39, so when it was reduced I bought it pretty much straight away. It’s big enough to fit my camera in and all the other necessities I need for a day exploring.

Clothes: The pieces I have picked so far are items that are comfortable and can be worn for any occasion. Things that I know I will wear. Often before a holiday I will splurge and buy plenty of new things but I have restrained myself from doing so this time round as I find more often than not those items are left in my bag with the tags still on and I come home with an expired receipt and a £20 hole in my pocket.

Notebook: Probably the most important item of all. I would have been lost without a notebook in America. It had everything in it, records of my spending, how much I had left, what days we were booking into hostels, how to get to the hostel, what we wanted to do in each place, pretty much our travelling life on paper… Now, I love looking back at my old notebooks and reliving those memories.

 And that’s what’s in my backpack so far… Of course there will be other essentials I’ll add along the way (don’t worry I haven’t forgotten my suncream), so who knows maybe I’ll make this a two parter post! I kid you not when I say I’m running thin on the ground for inspiration for my little space on the internet, but I do love writing on here so much! If any of you have any backpack packing tips for me, please let me know! I feel like this might be a struggle! Haha

As always, love,

– S x

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