Summer Moments Part 2

I figured I would get another one of these posts in before I set off to Thailand (which is a week on Monday AAAHHHHHH, I still can’t believe how quickly it’s come around!)

SO! I have been working like a maniac recently so it’s safe to say my social life has gone slightly downhill. But I’ve made time for the occasional social gathering and various other antics…

In the first week of July after a short shift at work, one of our family friends was taking part in a charity fashion show held in L.K. Bennett. We took advantage of the free drinks and the cute charity raffle where Sophie won a gorgeous bunch of flowers!

As the weather has been so amazing recently, my Hollister family decided to do a little BBQ by the Clifton Suspension Bridge, typically as soon as we got to the park the weather clouded over… but we still managed to have fun…

After my little trip to London to visit Sophie, I managed to squeeze in a quick brunch with my main girl, T. After gossip and catching up we tried to make progress on our trip round Thailand and Bali.

I also saw the most gorgeous sunset on the way back from work the following day…

The next night it was time to say a hello and a goodbye. Maria is one of my favourite people ever and I hadn’t seen her since September and this September she will be off to Australia for 8 months. We went to Giraffe for cocktails and excessive amounts of food.

Last Friday it was Faye’s 21st. We started with drinks at her house and headed to one of our favourite clubs ‘Bunker’. I was so happy when I saw Ciara (middle girl) as about 8 months ago she disappeared off the face of the earth! Never to be heard of until last Thursday… Turns out she was travelling round South America for 6 months!

This was easily one of the highlights of my week… After heading to work with the old man in the old car we left our 2 year old puppy Archie in the driveway with the “please don’t leave me eyes”. As we drive down the road the next thing we know we see a black ball of fluff barrelling down the road after us. He ended up coming along for the ride…

The events of last night! My manager of 2 years and friend of 3 and a half years were leaving Hollister and of course we had to celebrate in style. It was a sober night for me as I had to drive home. But honestly, it was the best night I’d had in a long time. With great company and good music who really needs much else?

The newly weds! And my favourite couple in the world.

And finally! The antics of today… After a long sleep, I woke up to explore Glastonbury with my Mother and sister… I always forget how quirky and unique the high street of Glastonbury is.. and I ended up picking up a £4 bargain for my trip to Bali…

It also happens to be my parents 27th wedding anniversary! (I know! It’s crazy!) We headed to ‘The Sheppy Inn’ for an incredible meal and some much needed family time… I’m sad to say that I failed to finish my monster of a burger but to be fair, it was a bit of a beast!

 Looking back, the past couple of weeks have been a lot more hectic than I remember! It kind of feels like I live in Hollister 24/7 at the moment and haven’t really made the most of Summer but I know when I’m in Thailand it will all be worth it in the end! Until next time…

– S

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