The Glassboat

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As my sister leaves for university before I get back from Thailand, we decided to have a family outing before I got my coach to London (I know, I can’t believe how fast it has come around!). I took this lunch outing as an opportunity to go to a restaurant I have had my eye on for a long time, The Glassboat in Bristol.

The name pretty much sums up the restaurant… a glass boat set on the beautiful river running through the centre of Bristol.
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There are four options to pick from for each course. As I’m leaving British soil for six weeks, I went for the most traditional English meal there was on the menu, roast beef. Dad opted for the same. Jess and Mum went for the hake with shrimp butter.
This was one of the best roast dinners I have ever had. (Don’t worry Mum not as good as yours!) My roast beef was followed by literally the best brownie I have ever tasted which I shared with Little J.
The pricing was reasonable too! Two amazing meals for £14.50… pretty good if you ask me. Mum and I split the bill rather than Dad paying for a change.
While Dad and I reassessed my packing, Mum and Jess took the opportunity to take some selfies…

With a massive food babies, we started to make our way to the coach station where I said bye to my family and embarked on my 2 and a half hour coach journey to London, where I am now sat in bed with Tierney, watching Gossip Girl and making some travel plans ready for our landing on Tuesday…

I would say life is pretty good right now.

– S x

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