The Start of Thailand

After 2 planes, 16 hours and a 2 hour airport transfer we have finally arrived in our hostel in Bangkok. So far it’s been a day of nerves and excitement. When I started writing this we had just boarded our second flight and were already exhausted. I managed to sleep relatively well on our 9 hour flight but poor T and her mile long legs struggled to get any sleep at all.

I am now sat in Lub D Silom hostel ready to crash after eating a wet cheese sandwich. Yes, it did taste as appetising as it sounded. During the three hour drive from the airport, our driver informed us that with over 14 million people living in Bangkok and the surrounding areas, traffic is a nightmare. He also warned us against ever riding a motorbike in Bangkok as 24 people die a day riding one (I don’t think it helps that more often than not they ride on the wrong side of the road in the wrong direction), so in Bangkok more people die of motorbike injuries than they do of cancer. Some pretty scary facts to arrive in Bangkok to.

I’m not sure what to think of Bangkok yet and my thoughts will be postponed for another day, as after waking up this morning, I find out that Tierney has been up since 4am being ill, whether it was her wet chicken sandwich or the tiny bit of tap water she used on her toothbrush, I guess we will never know! But today we will probably use as a day of recovery from long flights and lack of sleep. I will probably venture out at some point for food and to buy Tierney an adapter and myself a padlock ( yep, I know, massive blunders on both our behalves!) but we’ll play it by ear and see how it goes, she’s now sleeping in the bunk below me so with any luck will feel better when she wakes up!

Until tomorrow…

– S

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