Lebua State Tower Sky Bar

When I asked various friends for their advice and opinions of Bangkok, most responses were “Bangkok isn’t that great, it’s just really overcrowded and dirty. You really won’t need much time there.” But for me, Bangkok has exceeded expectations and last night I was blown away by Bangkok’s beauty.

At 6pm, we left our hostel to start the 20 minute walk to Lebua State Tower (aka the bar in the Hangover 2, although we didn’t find that out until after we asked for directions).

The hotel is massive but as we walked in the lobby was plain and really quiet, as in so quiet that we could hear our footsteps echoing, I was not prepared for what I was about to see. We made our way to the hostesses who directed us to the lift after evaluating our footwear. Skybar has a really strict no flip flops policy, there is no way you will get in if you are wearing them, we found this out the hard way the night before.

64 floors later, my jaw hit the floor. The view is breathtaking. I was actually speechless.

After a few snaps, we made our way round to the round bar to order a drink. The drinks are PRICEY, as in £10 for a beer. It makes me shudder to think how much the food menu would be.

As the sun went down Tierney, Ariella (a new friend) and I toasted to travelling, sunsets and happy moments. With good company, good beer and an incredible view, I couldn’t ask for much more. This evening was one to remember.

– S

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