Chiang Mai

After a 9 hour luxurious bus journey, Tierney and I arrived in Chiang Mai.

Our hostel was called Eco Resort which is absolutely amazing! (We have just moved hostels but Eco Resort is much much better!, I’ll do a post on all my accommodation at the end of the trip.) After quickly dropping off our stuff we took our and first Tuk-Tuk ride and headed to the Walking Market, which is a Night Bazaar that only happens on weekends.

Michelle (another new friend), Tierney and I wandered round looking at all the different market stalls. Tierney managed to pick up a couple of things that were on her shopping list whereas I behaved myself trying to save all the pennies I can.

We also discovered yet another stunning temple…

The next day we visited the most beautiful natural temple “Dot Suthep”. It was a long trip of hairpin turns and twisty roads but an hour and a half we arrived! It was really very beautiful. Completely covered in flowers and ornaments, with an amazing view of the city below.

And in the evening (after a four hour nap) we headed to the infamous backpackers bar ‘Zoe’s’, where we met up with some of Tierney’s old housemates.

I feel like we haven’t seen or done that much in Chiang Mai, but the activities are really expensive so we had to be selective with the things we wanted to do. It is really nice to have some chill time, knowing that we don’t have to be up early the next day!

Anyway that’s all the updates I have for now… The next couple of days will be more exciting 😉

S x

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