Da’s Cooking Class

After a day of doing completely nothing and a rather chilled morning today, Tierney and I headed to a traditional Thai cooking class taught by a kind man called Da.

I am rarely seen in the kitchen as I am completely incapable at cooking, Charlie bought me a student cookbook for my birthday and it remains untouched on my bookshelf. But I had a surprising amount of fun today and learnt some new recipes that I may attempt at home.

Before we actually got started in the kitchen, Da took us to the market where he buys all his organic ingredients from. After a quick walk around the market we headed to Da’s garden where he grows his own fresh herbs, fruit and veg, all of which are used in his cooking.

We were given multiple give four options for each category. The categories being soup, curry, dessert and a main dish. I chose the chicken and coconut soup, the red paste curry, sticky rice and mango and finally pad thai.

We weren’t allowed to ear the food until we had finished all four courses, so by the time we had actually finished I was starving! I say starving but as per usual I managed to finish less than half… to be fair it was a lot of food!!

The soup was a little spicy for me and some of the vegetables were… well… a bit unusual. But vegetables and spice aside this was by far one of the best meals I have had in Thailand so far. My absolute favourites were the Pad Thai and Sticky Rice.

At the end of the session we were given a recipe book full of Da’s favourites, maybe this one won’t sit untouched on my bookshelf…

S x

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