Lovina and the Air Panas Hot Springs, Bali

After a fleeting visit to Malaysia where we encountered a not so Irish bar (the only thing Irish was Guiness) and a trip to the Pentaling markets, we have finally arrived in Bali!

After a quick overnight stay in Kuta, at 9am sharp we were on our way to Lovina. We were staying in Bayu Mantra, a beautiful resort with stunning scenery and only seconds away from Lovina’s black sand beach.

That afternoon we made our way to the Air Panas Hot Springs. This place is like a piece of Paradise. The colours are so vibrant and the waters are amazingly warm, this was the perfect place for an afternoon chill out. After a few cloudy weeks in central and northern Thailand it was nice to finally have some blue sky and sunshine.

There were three different pools so obviously we had to have a photo in each.

That evening we went back to the beach to relax and have a quick bite to eat. The food was crap but with a view like this I was quite content.

For a while I was dubious as to whether we would make it to Lovina as it is in the north of Bali, roughly a three hour drive from the south. But I am so glad we made it! It has most definitely been worthwhile. It has been an amazing start to Bali…


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