The Monkey Forest, Ubud

After an exciting morning watching the Dolphins, we headed back to the south of Bali to Ubud.

We briefly stopped at GitGit Waterfall, it really is beautiful and you walk through the most amazing rice fields to get there.

After settling into our hostel we started the long trek to the Monkey Forest.

These animals do not know the word shy. They were jumping on everyone, grabbing bananas everywhere and even stealing each others food.

The baby monkeys were by far my favourite. They are adorable! Although I wasn’t so impressed when one tried to steal my necklace.

You can buy banana’s in the forest to give them and the trainers/people that look after them use the bananas as a method of making them pose and creating amazing photographs!

After two hours monkeying around, we decided it was time to eat. We went to an amazing but expensive (for Asia) restaurants where I satisfied my craving for Chicken Satay and all the waitresses were wearing my new favourite flower.

Bali really is amazing! Next up, The Gili Islands!

– Steph

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