Seminyak and Kuta

Second post of the day! Curaaaazy times… but I am stuck in an airport for 8 hours with nothing to do… SO! Seminyak and Kuta… I can already tell that this is going to be a relatively short post as these were probably my least favourite places in Bali.

And why, well it’s pretty much run by tourists. The beaches are dirty because of litter or the ocean is completely overcrowded with people, but saying that it is a fun place to spend one or two nights.

There are lots of great restaurants, bars and if you’re a beginner surfer it’s pretty much the ideal place to learn… Tierney had her first lesson here… a whole £7 for 2 hours.

We were staying at Fave Hotel, it’s very central and cheap. It’s definitely worth staying here in Seminyak. We headed to a Mexican restaurant for food and listened to more live music, the guy singing had an incredible voice and played easy listening, chilled out music. It was a nice way to relax after a couple of hectic beach days in Uluwatu and I finally settled my craving for Nachos.

The next day we moved to Kuta! After Tierney’s surf lesson the lifeguards told us about a nearby turtle sanctuary. As there are so many tourists on the beach in Kuta, all the baby turtle eggs have to be lifted from the sand and put into protection to ensure that people don’t stand on them and kill them. They then let members of the public release a baby turtle back into the sea…

Tierney and I took our baby turtles named Derrick and Kiki and set them free. Speaking of free… did I mention that the whole thing was free? Because it’s a volunteer centre you don’t have to pay anything towards it unless you want to make a donation.

I think that’s about it for Seminyak and Kuta… They’re both okay places for a night or two but there are so many better places you can see in Bali.

Wish me luck during my 8 hour airport wait… I can already see an exhausted Tierney trying to fall asleep on her rucksack… I feel like McDonald’s and Starbucks will be our saviours tonight.

As always…


– S xx

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