The Highlights of Bali

Yes…. I’m still in the airport… and I’m still bored… But I’ve cleverly figured out I can write a post now but not actually publish it… Ingenious right (did I use the ‘in’ correctly that time Dad?)

So whilst being sat in the airport, I’ve been given time to reminisce the wonderful 10 days I have just experienced and to pick out my favourite parts of Bali.

Dolphin Watching

For me, it’s must. It’s a long way to go for only an hour and a half watching but it really is an incredible experience. But then I also think we were really lucky with our boat driver, as a lot of the boats would spot a dolphin and chase after them straight away, but ours told us the dolphins would eventually come to us. He was right. I wouldn’t have got half the shots I did if it wasn’t for him, I’m lucky not all my photos were completely ruined by loads of other boats, which I’m sure lots of other people’s photos are.


My new favourite flower! I absolutely love them… They are absolutely everywhere in Bali and all the locals wear them in their hair or use them as some sort of accessory. They give off the most beautiful scent as well. Apparently they’re also called Plumeria.


I’m sad I didn’t get to spend more time here… There is so much to see and do in Ubud but I just didn’t have enough time. The rice fields are beautiful and the monkeys are outrageously cheeky…


I wasn’t sure as to whether I would put Gili in this post or not… but looking back on it, I experienced a lot and loved every second of it. Snorkelling and paddle boarding were most definitely worth doing. But there really is nothing like eating breakfast in a cabana on the beach every morning. Bliss.

Surfing Padang Padang

I don’t think I’ve ever been more terrified or exhilarated in my whole entire life. The current was so strong I thought my arms were going to drop off paddling back. It was that sudden realisation of realising how far out I was after being hit against the reef by a humongous set of waves, it took absolutely all my energy to paddle back. But I’m proud of myself for catching just a few waves.

Single Fin

I’ve always been a sunset lover… my sister is always moaning about how my instagram is just crammed with photos of sunsets. But they are always so stunning, especially when the sun sets behind the sea. Two of my favourite things in one picture; the sun and the ocean… The fact that there was live music at Single Fin just makes it even better.

Releasing Baby Turtles

It was a pretty cool thing to do… even better that it was free! Did you know turtles won’t return to the beach to lay eggs for another 25 years. When my baby turtle finally returns to the beach I will be 45… I’m really not sure how I feel about that.


Eating Mexican and Llistening to Live Music

Okay this sounds really crap but after such a hectic 10 days it was so nice to sit back and chill with good food plus I am an absolute sucker for acoustic live music. I could listen to it pretty much 24/7… it helps that I got the nachos I had been craving for about a week.

So there they are… the highlights of Bali for me. It’s easily one of my favourite countries and I can’t wait to come back.

– Steph xx

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