Koh Phangan

So… I guess you can tell that the home sickness really got to me in Koh Phangan as I did not take one single photo on my camera there!! But I had some amazing nights out, most of which I remember and I’m looking forward to seeing how my disposable photos come out…

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Missing Home

There are so so so many advantages to travelling, you get to see the world and you learn what you are really capable of. During travelling I have been pushed past limits I didn’t think I could possibly go past but now thanks to travelling I know myself that much better. But with so many pros to travelling, of course there are cons, I am now on the last leg of my current adventure and the itch to get home is stronger than ever.­Travelling is hard. No one tells you how hard it is. But it’s because as soon as you are home all those bad memories completely fade away and you wish more than anything you were travelling again.

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Ko Samui

Yesterday evening we arrived in the beautiful Ko Samui. I was pretty dubious as to whether I would actually like it here as I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews. But it has exceeded expectations by a long way.

We had a quiet evening last night, only going out to buy food and then coming back to our hostel to take advantage of it’s amazing wifi. BLISS!!! But today has been oh so hectic. For a mere £7 we were being shown nearly all the sights of Ko Samui… We started off with the Ko Samui view point. There was so much blue it was breathtaking! We were so lucky with the weather… I would almost go as far to say that the weather today is one of the best day’s we’ve had this whole trip…

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