Ao Nang, Krabi

I can’t believe we have less than two weeks of our trip left! It’s gone so quick and slow all at the same time. What a whirlwind… Whilst dreading the end of another adventure, I am so excited to go home.

I guess when it comes to the south of Thailand the days become a bit repetitive. You see some temples, drink some beer and then lounge on the beach all day. Which is pretty much what we’ve done in Ao Nang.

But something awesome did happen in Ao Nang. On the second evening of our trip, I was reunited with my very pregnant friend Jang, who I haven’t seen in about 5 years… Jang moved to England 8 years ago when her Mum remarried an english man but moved back to Thailand soon after finishing GCSE’s.

We met for dinner with a view and a walk around the street market. It was so good to see her after so long and I made sure to update her with all the gossip from home.

The next morning Tierney woke up having caught my eye infection, she made an appointment with the pharmacist for the afternoon and we headed to Railay Beach.

After literally falling out of the boat on arrival, I managed to drench myself and my rucksack, making quite the dramatic entrance whilst I frantically rescued my camera and phone (both were fine).

I expected Railay Beach to be a lot more touristy but it was surprisingly quiet. It is a truly beautiful beach surrounded by cliffs and turquoise water.

After taking some quick snaps, the perfect blue sky quickly turned into stormy rain clouds and we sprinted to the nearest cafe for shelter.

As soon as the rain stopped we headed back to Ao Nang, I know we missed out the other beach and lagoon, but at least I have another excuse to return right?!

See you in Ko Samui!

Steph xxx

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