Ko Samui

Yesterday evening we arrived in the beautiful Ko Samui. I was pretty dubious as to whether I would actually like it here as I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews. But it has exceeded expectations by a long way.

We had a quiet evening last night, only going out to buy food and then coming back to our hostel to take advantage of it’s amazing wifi. BLISS!!! But today has been oh so hectic. For a mere £7 we were being shown nearly all the sights of Ko Samui… We started off with the Ko Samui view point. There was so much blue it was breathtaking! We were so lucky with the weather… I would almost go as far to say that the weather today is one of the best day’s we’ve had this whole trip…

This was then followed by Grandmother and Grandfather rock which was awfully cheeky.
And maybe the creepiest thing I have seen in Thailand yet. The mummified monk. This monk dedicated his later years to Buddhism and apparently predicted the date of his death. A week before he died he stopped eating and sleeping and sat in deep meditative state before he passed away. The only noticeable change to his body is the disintegration of his eyes but it is believed that his body has stayed so well preserved due to his healthy diet and long meditation sessions.
Following the mummified monk we went to Na Muang waterfall…
And now my favourite part of the day…
We headed to the big buddha where we climbed up the stairs in the sweltering heat to take some photos before indulging in a much needed ice tea.

Then we went to Wat Plai Laem. The colours are amazing especially against the blue sky. It was so peaceful and beautiful here… except the mass amount of pigeons flying everywhere. We spent our twenty minutes absorbing as much of it as we could. The weather just made the statues look even more spectacular.

It was such a good day and we were so lucky with the weather! It will be nice to have a chilled beach day tomorrow. But I’ll leave you there because I am staaaarving and we’ve heard some good things about a night market…

See ya


P.S Beach day didn’t go as planned… in Thailand when it rains it pours. And it poured! But I did get to see my awesome friend Daisy who I was at Summer Camp with last year! It’s all about the silver linings…

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