Koh Phangan

So… I guess you can tell that the home sickness really got to me in Koh Phangan as I did not take one single photo on my camera there!! But I had some amazing nights out, most of which I remember and I’m looking forward to seeing how my disposable photos come out…

I had a quiet one on our first night as my ear was throbbing and I just didn’t feel like myself but Tierney headed to a pool party whilst I caught up with my Mum and Charlie.

For the majority of the time, it poured and poured with rain. So our activities were limited and we spent a lot of the time catching up with much needed sleep and watching a hecka lot of movies.

We were staying in Ringside. We couldn’t have asked for a better hostel. The guys there know what they’re doing and whoever stays there has an amazing time.

After a day of doing nothing, we were ready for the jungle party.

We covered ourselves in mosquito spray and UV paint and headed out into the depths of the jungle.

As soon as we stepped out the taxi, you could hear the bass thumping. We followed the crowd to a section of the jungle covered in lights. I very randomly bumped into a friend from school, perhaps one of my most random experiences in Thailand yet.

At 2.30, I was ready for bed. The price of drinks are ridiculous and I wasn’t willing to spend my money on alcohol.

And on the third day, THERE WAS SUN! The most sun we had seen in Koh Phangan, we quickly grabbed our things and power walked to the beach.

Then… for one of the most anticipated nights in Thailand. The Full Moon Party.

After an hour of stressing out about accommodation in Ko Tao, we headed down to join everyone else. It was crazy! I’m not a massive party person, but with such a pumping atmosphere you can’t help but be excited!

At midnight we headed to the beach. (Photos will follow when I get my disposable developed!!!

There were people everywhere. The power went out frequently and every time it came back the crowd roared with excitement.

Unfortunately, Tierney had her drink spiked at some point during the night, so me and James decided to take her home.

The couple of hours I experienced was enough. I couldn’t recommend it more. Everyone said the jungle party is better but I thought the Full Moon was easily the best… and it’s a hell of a lot cheaper too. But maybe I’m biased because I love the beach.

Saying this, you must be careful with your drink! Don’t EVER leave it lying around anywhere! We did not buy one drink at Full Moon so Tierney must have been spiked at our hostel and we were surrounded by people we thought were friendly… you can never be too careful! Don’t have your night ruined because of carelessness.

It was fun to let my hair down and have a few fun nights, but I was certainly ready to leave Koh Phangan after 4 nights!! I guess we were unlucky because the weather wasn’t great.

But once again thanks to the guys at ringside for making sure we had a great time! It wouldn’t have been the same if we stayed anywhere else!

Mwah mwah

S xxx

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