Ko Tao

Ko Tao is everything I love about islands. Beautiful beaches, stunning sunsets and crystal clear water. The only problem with Ko Tao is it is by far the most expensive place I’ve been.

We spent our first day in Ko Tao on Sairee Beach, which was about 20 minutes way from our hostel. I consider our day on the beach very productive seeing as I managed to get about 2/3rds of the way through my hefty book.

Our last full day in Ko Tao was spent on Nang Yuan, an island 20 minutes away from Ko Tao.

With just a strip of sand and rickety bridges joining the three islands together, this place is paradise.

After an hour lazing on the beach, we decided to take some time out and climb to the viewpoint. I can genuinely say, I don’t think I’ve ever been so sweaty. There is an astounding amount of stairs to climb and it seems to go on forever. We clambered up the rocks to take a few sweaty photos before what seems to be Thailand’s Mount Everest.

As soon as we hit the sand, I ran straight into the ocean. It was needed for everyone’s sake. I then took a well deserved nap before heading back to Ko Tao.

In the evening we headed to Famoso, an amazing Italian restaurant. Thai food doesn’t seem to agree with me so I’ve eaten a fair amount of european food and here I had the BEST carbonara… for anyone craving good Italian food, I could not recommend this place more.

The next morning we wanted a big breakfast to keep us going through our massive 16 hour journey back to Bangkok. We had a little browse round the shops and bought some last minute presents before making our way to the harbour.

Ko Tao is beautiful and is easily one of my favourite islands. One day I’ll come back sans ear infection and do a diving course or at least take advantage of the amazing snorkelling tours they do. If you’re planning a trip to Thailand, definitely put Ko Tao on the list!!

Now for the beginning of the end… Stage 1 of our 8 part journey home!!

Wish us luck… We’re going to need it.

Steph x

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