November Blues

November, November where to begin?! November is always an intimidating month for me. (who knew a month could be intimidating?!) Mainly because as we slowly creep towards Christmas, retail hours slowly start to extend. university starts to pile on the pressure and with a whopping 6 assignments due in 4 weeks, time for my little blog has run through my fingers.

BUT, during long shifts at Hollister, hours of reading, research and typing, I reward myself for my hard work by spending quality time with the ones that mean the most and finding little snippets to write about. Here’s what I’ve been up to for the past month.
I started November in the best possible way. With a greasy fry up cooked by my wonderful father. I must say it was a stonker of a breakfast! It’s well known that mushrooms are a super food but did you know that you’re not supposed to wash them before you cook them?! Mushrooms are super absorbent so when you wash them they absorb the water and it takes out a lot of the goodness.
On a cold Sunday morning, Charlie and I were lazing around but the dog was gagging for a walk. So we decided to take a stroll down the beach. Archie is OBSESSED with water! He can never resist himself and always insists on having a cheeky dip. Normally this beach is full of mud and looks pretty grim. But we picked a glorious day and even Burnham-On-Sea managed to shine.

Ahhhh fireworks night! Always one of the highlights of November for me. Last year I was so overwhelmed with uni that I completely missed them. Definitely not the case this year. Charlie and I wrapped up warm and headed to the beach to celebrate the 4th of November. Turns out we didn’t wrap up warm enough. It was still bloody freezing.

Cocktails with my girls. It’s been far too long since the 5 of us had done something together and I was, perhaps a little over excited to go to turtle bay for dinner and cocktails for a massive catch up. It was also the first opportunity I got to take out my new SFB bag… My boyfriends brothers girlfriend recently started up a bag company and after seeing this one made out of Bali material I fell in love. Her instagram is @sfbbags go have a look! Maybe make a cheeky purchase… nothing wrong with Christmas shopping!!

More walkies with my main boys (Charlie and Archie). Charlie and I have been spending a lot of quality time together recently and I must say, I am enjoying his company more and more. Cheddar Reservoir seems to have become our regular walking place. We went just before sun down and it gave me the perfect opportunity to test out my brand new iPhone 6… (I’ve fallen in love).

ICE SKATING! We got into the Christmas spirit by visiting the Winter Wonderland at Cribbs Causeway. The ice skating rink is apparently the South West’s largest ice rink, it doesn’t look that big but when you’re stuck in the middle of the rink unable to move the walls couldn’t have seemed further away! The last time I went ice skating I was pretty good. This time round I was terrible. There were 5 year old’s skating circles around me. It’s okay though… I was able to skate on my own by the end.

As I’ve said this term has confronted me with far too many essays. Meaning that for each morning I continue or start an essay, a hot chocolate with dozens of mini marshmallows is desperately required. This was a particularly cosy morning where I couldn’t quite face the cold so I did a little bit of research tucked up in bed.

And finally Manchester. I can’t claim that this was the greatest weekend as both my sister and I are under a lot of stress and spent nearly the whole weekend bickering. But still we spent some quality time studying and cafe scouting when we did get along.

And FINALLY, myself, mother and Charlie went to see the Hunger Games… I’ve read the books so already knew what was going to happen. But still!! WHAT A FILM… Even though I felt that some parts were a little dragged out, for the most part I was sat on the edge of my seat. Saying this, I still think they could have made it into one film…

November in a nutshell! A few other exciting things happened but I want to go into them in a little bit more depth with a lot more pictures! Stay tuuuuned! Hopefully it won’t be too long until I’m back. One week until my last assignment! HAAAALLELUJAH!

Until next time…

S. x

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