Valentine Gifts for the Travel Obsessed

I’m not a massive Valentine’s Day person, never have been and I probably never will be but I love buying presents and will take any opportunity to do so. Especially considering mine and Charlie’s anniversary is right around the corner. I find that Valentine’s Day is always a tricky one, it’s not quite as special or important as a birthday or Christmas so you don’t want to spend too much but you don’t want to be ungenerous. So, I am here to help! I have compiled a list of my favourite gifts, naturally they’re all travel related and I think most of these would work well for any travel obsessed girlfriend or boyfriend.

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All my recommended gifts will be linked to the pictures! So if you’re really stuck for ideas, have a click on the link attached and voila! A present ready to add to your cart.

Travel Map



I bought this for Charlie’s 21st and I would definitely buy it for someone again. Rather than having the traditional World Map, your loved one can scratch off each of their destinations as they go along showing how much of the World they have seen or how much they have left to see. It really puts the world’s size into perspective, you may think you have been to dozens of countries but when you scratch it off it seems like you’ve seen hardly anything at all!

St. Christopher’s Necklace



I received this necklace as a gift when I first travelled to the U.S. from my Mum’s best friend. It was a really, really special gift and I wouldn’t travel without it now! I think of it as my lucky charm. I particularly love this one with the engraving on the back.

A Travel Journal



A travel journal is at the top of my packing list and in my opinion, it’s an essential for every traveller. Even before this blog and pretty much as long as I can remember, I have kept a travel journal on all my holidays. You can get some beautiful engraved journals which can hold a lifetime of adventurous memories, just have a look on! This is a really amazing present for an avid writer/memory keeper.

Instagram Collage



If you’re super tight like I normally am, you can create an Instagram Collage just like the wonderful Monica from the Travel Hack. All you need to do is print off a few photos from your partner’s Instagram, buy a large frame and Voila! Collage away! Monica uses photobox but I’ve made my own Instagram collage using photos printed from Polargram. With Polargram you can print the photos in a polaroid style, on canvas, in a frame, or you can just continue with your collage! This is a really nice personal present if you’ve been on lots of adventures together. It doesn’t even have to be travel related, just a load of wonderful memories presented in a frame.

Travel Book



In my eyes, you can’t go wrong with a good travel book. Especially if your partner is a fan of physical books like me (I still can’t quite get my head around the kindle). Looking through a book always gives me amazing inspiration as to where I should visit next. Everyone knows Lonely Planet and I guess that is for a reason. Their books are the ultimate travel guides as all their writers have thoroughly explored the destination they are writing about providing you and your girlfriend/boyfriend with some amazing travel inspiration.

A Ticket


Don’t. Panic. I’m not saying you have to spend colossal amounts on a ticket abroad. You could just buy a ticket to a concert or maybe just somewhere relatively local. I find that Charlie and I will always say that we’re going to go here, there and everywhere but are never proactive about it. We are so distracted by exploring countries as far away as possible that we don’t explore our own backyards. For example I have never been to Scotland. Can you believe that?! It’s a £50 flight away and I have still never been. But just because you buy the flight doesn’t mean you need to buy everything. You can always split accommodation and activity costs but the fact that you have gone to the effort to book a trip away to spend some quality time with them will count for a lot.

And those are my 6 sexy travelling present ideas for your valentine! If you don’t have a valentine, well, why not be your own? Go on, treat yourself to a little something from this list! You know you’re worth it.

What’s the best travel gift you’ve received?

See you next time!

S x

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