Backyard Adventures 3, St. Ives

Considering Charlie and I didn’t do so much for Valentine’s day and it’s our one year anniversary this weekend (yay!), we decided to take a weekend trip to St. Ives. St. Ives will be the third place to be featured in the backyard adventures series as it is located just two hours away from my home in the beautiful county of Cornwall.

Friday morning at 11am we were on our way to the Cornish countryside. Charlie’s Granny lives about halfway between home and St. Ives so we decided to stop on the way down to stretch our legs, have a cup of tea and of course, eat a Cornish pasty. Charlie’s Gran lives on a huuuuge farm, full of animals but I completely fell in love with her three miniature dachshunds, Milly, Poppy and Tigerlily. After a couple of hours, I begrudgingly left the 3 pups behind and we hit the road again.
Of course we wanted the cheapest accommodation possible. After browsing airbnb for what felt like hours, we found these cute shepherd huts overlooking the sea for £55 for 2 nights and just a twenty minute walk from the town centre. I am pretty confident when I say I haven’t stayed anywhere cosier. The huts come with crockery, electricity, speakers and a mini heater, pretty much everything you need for a weekend.
St. Ives is full of great food. You really don’t have to walk far to find an amazing restaurant. On Friday night we stumbled down to the town centre in the pouring rain to find some pub food to settle our rumbling stomachs. I was dubious and a bit grumpy about walking a mile to the centre but the view of St. Ives at night and my fish and chips quickly made up for it.
My favourite restaurant in St. Ives was without a doubt Caffe Pasta, I had an amaazing carbonara and the little cafe offers some stunning views of the St. Ives harbour.
Saturday was exploring day! St. Ives is known for having some of the most beautiful beaches in England and it didn’t disappoint. The shades of blue are amazing! I didn’t know that many shades of blue could exist in English sea! I got a very wet bum as we sat and watched a couple of surfers making the most of the waves.
Unfortunately, today we woke up to howling wind and rain. Heading out into it was just far too much to handle first thing on a Sunday morning, so we jumped into the car and headed home. Via costa for a hot chocolate and croissant of course.
St. Ives was the perfect celebratory weekend for our anniversary. It is the most perfect picturesque Cornish town, full of galleries, restaurants and instagram opportunities. In my eyes, you couldn’t find a more idyllic English seaside town.
Now I’m off to bed, all that driving Charlie round has really exhausted me!
How and where did you spend your weekend?
S x
I knew you would want one more photo of Tigerlily, well here you go! This is her looking very unimpressed that I have to leave!

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