The ULTIMATE South West of England Roadtrip

So it’s the end of the Backyard Adventures series, I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to conclude but I’ve been struggling with university deadlines and it’s been very hard to write any blog content! I thought a fitting conclusion would be planning an awesome road trip around all my favourite places surrounding my home. There are so many destinations that I wanted to include that I have created three different trips. A short one which can take place over a weekend, a medium trip which would take around a week and then a long one which I think would take around two weeks. So  whether you are aren’t able to go abroad this summer and still seeking adventure or for those of you who are looking to broaden your UK horizons outside of London then LOOK NO FURTHER! I am here to present you with what I believe to be the best of the South West.

The Weekender

The short but sweet route. Most definitely doable in a weekend, you may feel a little rushed of your feet but when isn’t travelling a little bit rushed? I have written about all of these places in a fair amount of detail on this blog so you can read about them in the following links.


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and Glastonbury.


The Week-er
Taking you from the urban streets of Bristol and the spiritualist air of Glastonbury to beaches, surfing, hiking and fancy gardening projects. First up is Exmoor! Exmoor’s hilly moorland is beautiful and a photographers dream, you don’t HAVE to stay here (I would) to experience it’s beauty but you definitely need to have a drive through it. It is an amazing place to hike, explore, to find peace and quiet, basically to be at one with nature. You city birds need to try this.
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This trip also includes Woolacoombe, one of my favourite places in Devon. It’s actually where Charlie and I said our goodbyes before he embarked on his long three month trip to America so Woolacoombe holds a lot of special memories for me. Not to mention it’s a pretty ideal place to learn how to surf.
The Fortnighter
Finally a whole fortnight of South West adventure! This I think is the best route, mainly because it has so many exciting and beautiful places included.
Dartmoor is a lot like Exmoor, in that it is a moor, there’s lots of nature, lots of walking and lots of beautiful landscapes but I still think it’s worth a visit. I did my Gold Duke of Edinburgh expedition here and whilst I despised the hills and Darmoor at the time, without the heavy backpack and good food, I definitely appreciated it’s beauty once we had set up camp. Perhaps a little wild camping trip will suffice?
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The Eden Project. I’m sure many of you Brits will have heard of the Eden project because it is the World’s largest indoor rainforest. I have been here on many, many school trips and it is amazing. Definitely worth a stop on the way to the next and last destination which is…

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Newquay! If you want beaches, surfing and nightlife. This is your winner. Newquay is Cornwall’s most popular resort. There is so much to do in Newquay that you could probably stay more than a couple of nights but time is the essence so if you don’t have that long, I’m sure a couple of nights will do in this seaside town.

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St. Ives is also one of the places I have included in the series so you can read about the picturesque English seaside town here.

I’m afraid I haven’t been any further South West than St. Ives so I can’t advise you on any more places but I’ve decided to include my future Cornwall destinations and they say a picture speaks a thousand words…

St. Michael’s Mount

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credit to’s_End,_Cornwall,_England.jpg

Given that you’ve come so far, it would be rude not to see the end of the country! I’m looking forward to the time I have the opportunity to see Landsend, it looks spectacular.

As you’ve probably noticed, many of the photos included in this post are not my own but many of these places I haven’t visited since I got my wonderful DSLR and my own photos are terrible quality which are just not worthy of your attention! So I hope you’ll forgive me on this occasion! Anyway, that is my ultimate south west roadtrip! Hopefully one day I’ll be able to do this route all in one go, perhaps before my trip to India? I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes!

Let me know what you think or if you have any more suggestions, please let me know!


S x

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