Backyard Adventures 6 // Woolacombe

I’m sure many people can empathise with me when I say I don’t get to travel anywhere near as much as I would like. Due to university and money, I’m left with very little opportunity to travel abroad. But with every cloud there is a silver lining, which is why I’ve revived the Backyard Adventure series! I know, I know, it’s barely been gone! But I recently went to Woolacoombe and I realised how much of England I have left to show you…

Woolacombe is only 2 and a half hours away from my house nestled on the coast of Devon. When I was younger, my parents used to take my sister and I camping there almost every year so Woolacombe is a pretty special place to me…
After being bored of essays and revision, Charlie and I decided to take a somewhat spontaneous surfing trip. It’s easy to be spontaneous when Charlie’s friend has a flat in Woolacoombe that we were welcome to stay in. (Thanks again Sam!)
Neither of us had surfed since last Summer and we were both so excited to get back in the ocean. Over Easter, England was SO lucky with the weather! Honestly, it could have been Summer… I wish I could say the weather had stayed the same up until now, but with England comes unpredictable weather. So as we edge into June, I remain in jeans and at least three jumpers… ANYWAY, Charlie and I really couldn’t have picked a better Monday to go away. We squeezed into wetsuits, grabbed a couple of boards and headed straight into the sea.
After a couple of hours surfing, we were both absolutely shattered and ready for fish and chips.
There’s only one place to get fish and chips in Devon and that’s Squires. The award winning chippy is renowned for it’s classic British fish and chips. They have a take away service and two restaurants based in Braunton, which is a half hour drive from Woolacoombe. That may seem like a lot of effort but the scenery and the food is well worth the drive.
After demolishing our dinner and a couple of ginger beers, we headed down to the beach to watch the sunset.
Took the obligatory sunset photo…
And a few cheesy ones…
Before Charlie dragged me back to the flat to stop me from going photo crazy *cough* he wanted to make sure we were back in time to watch Made in Chelsea *cough*.
Initially we were only planning on staying in Woolacoombe for the day but I was so exhausted after a whole’s day surfing I wasn’t sure whether it was safe for me to drive. Plus the temptation of a morning surf was too much to resist… Little did we know the next morning would be flat, bleak, cold and grey. I’m pretty sure those things combined are enough to stop anyone from believing the freezing cold ocean was better than a warm cosy bed and sleep!
I’ll be back soon,
S x

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