Backyard Adventures 7 // Bristol (again)

So I’ve been much more quiet on the blogging side of life than I anticipated! The past two months have flown by in the blink of an eye and I still haven’t really registered that I’m leaving for India TODAY. Despite the fact that I’m currently sat in the airport waiting to board…

But before my blog becomes saturated with Italy, India and Bali adventures, I’m going to bring you one last post from the backyard.

I recently discovered a company called Eventbrite who try and encourage people to find the best events in their local area which got me thinking about my favourite events in my hometown. If you’ve been reading this blog for a little while, you’ll know about my intense love for Bristol. There are so many great events happening that it’s hard to just pick one so if you ever get the chance to go to any of these events then go for it, I don’t doubt that you’ll have the best time. Also, be sure to check out eventbrite’s website to help you manage your own events!But perhaps one of my all time favourite spots in Bristol is the harbour side. The waterside is filled with great restaurants, bars and there is occasionally a market where you can buy various trinkets and art. A boy I went to school with often goes there to sell his incredible paintings. Be sure to check out @tobiasillustrations on instagram!

Credit to

The harbour side is regardless of any events but as it happens harbour fest is coming up from the 17th-19th July. I’m so gutted that I’m missing it this year. Well, not that gutted. I am going to India and Bali for two months! But if you’re in or around Bristol, it’s most definitely worth a visit. Good music, good food, good drinks, what else can you ask for at the end of July?! The atmosphere is always buzzing, so it’s pretty much the perfect place for a few after work drinks or pre drinks before a wild night on park street.

Credit to Matthew Roberts
Credit to
Not far from the harbour is queens square. I recently attended a food festival called Eat, Drink, Fashion and I was amazed at the atmosphere! Queens square was completely transformed, covered with tipees, wooden table and chairs and a stage for later performers. The occasion was my beautiful friend Laura’s leaving party before her big move to Oxford. All my friends are getting so grown up! Where has the time gone?!
There are so many great events in Bristol over the summer that you’ll be sure to find something. But I’ll list some of my favourite events (past and future) that happen over the Summer.
Love Saves the Day
Credit to Tierney Bates
Another Bristol event that I missed because I was away. The go to Bristol Summer festival especially for those of you who are house lovers. All of my friends photos made me so jealous!
The Bristol Summer Series
Photo credit to Paul Michael
Again another harbour side event! The line up this year was so good! Featuring the likes of George Ezra, Jessie J, the Kaiser Chiefs and Seasick Steve. Not bad for a small city like Bristol hey?
Balloon Festival
Photo credit to Ben Birchall
I haven’t been to the balloon festival in so long because I’ve always been away. But I am determined to make sure that I’m there for it next year. I think I’ll stop talking now and let the photos speak for themselves.

See you on the other side!

S x


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