Udaipur // India


So blogging in India and Bali hasn’t gone quite as planned. Remember that post I wrote about travel technology? How I said bringing a laptop was kinda essential if you were planning on blogging whilst you travelled? Well, I should have followed my own advice. Blogging on an iPad is hard!!! I was trying to use the blogging app ‘Blogsy’ which is a great concept but I think it still needs some fine tuning as uploading the posts took foooorever and then they would have to be reuploaded when I wanted to make any changes. Basically it was a nightmare because of the terrible wifi in India. But now that I’m sort of on the way home (I’m currently writing this in an awesome hostel in Delhi) I’ll attempt to catch you all up. Luckily I had my faithful notebook to record all my travels so hopefully I shouldn’t miss a beat!

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3 Winter Resorts for Beginners


And so Summer is long gone and Winter has officially arrived. I always convince myself that Winter is great, then when it finally arrives, I remember why it really isn’t. The cold, the wet, the need to wear fifty layers under a coat… Then suddenly those Summer blues arrive and I find myself reminiscing about Summer… I’m looking at you India and Bali! But the one thing that makes Winter seem that little more appealing is snow sport. I feel pretty confident when I say some kind of snow sport (whether it be skiing or snowboarding) is on everyone’s bucket list. Well, I know for sure it’s on mine. With Charlie being an avid skier, I have never been keener to go.

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