Udaipur // India


So blogging in India and Bali hasn’t gone quite as planned. Remember that post I wrote about travel technology? How I said bringing a laptop was kinda essential if you were planning on blogging whilst you travelled? Well, I should have followed my own advice. Blogging on an iPad is hard!!! I was trying to use the blogging app ‘Blogsy’ which is a great concept but I think it still needs some fine tuning as uploading the posts took foooorever and then they would have to be reuploaded when I wanted to make any changes. Basically it was a nightmare because of the terrible wifi in India. But now that I’m sort of on the way home (I’m currently writing this in an awesome hostel in Delhi) I’ll attempt to catch you all up. Luckily I had my faithful notebook to record all my travels so hopefully I shouldn’t miss a beat!

Before I tell you about one of my favourite cities in India, I’ll have to tell you about the long journey we took to get there.

Every morning, Charlie and I would sneak a banana from breakfast as a snack for our long journeys. We thought our driver Babu had noticed when he pulled over to buy an excessive amount of bananas. Babu continued driving whilst Charlie and I thought “how nice of him to buy us bananas! He must have noticed that we always get hungry during these ridiculously long journeys!” Well turns out we were wrong. A few minutes later, we stopped again. Babu got out the car and chucked the bananas on the floor. Suddenly hundreds of monkeys appeared everywhere. Charlie and I rapidly got out the car to take pictures whilst Babu did the exact opposite, shuddering and rapidly shutting the car door to get away from them.


After much picture taking, we got back into the car to continue our journey. Babu had told us that before we had one more stop before we headed to udaipur, “temple baby, very famous temple! Very beautiful, we will stop, you look, then Udaipur, anything is possible in India baby!” Now, I’ve seen my fair share of temples… And they tend to look same, same but different to me. But Babu was right. Ranakpur temple is truly astonishing.


We arrived just before noon. Tourists aren’t allowed into the temple until after, so Charlie and I took a stroll around the temple to kill some time.

As with most temples, we removed our shoes, paid the fee and headed up the stairs. We were greeted by an entirely marble room covered in pillars and statues. If I remember correctly, it is one of the first temples to combine religion with art.


Definitely worth seeing on the way to Udaipur. The architechture is truly mind blowing.

And now for Udaipur. Without a doubt one of the highlights for me… After our long day of travelling, we didn’t arrive in Udaipur until nightfall. After running through the pouring rain to get to our hotel, Charlie and I quickly dumped our stuff in our room and headed upstairs to the roof top restaurant. Go to any rooftop in Udaipur (there are a lot of them… pretty much one on every corner) and you will be amazed by the incredible view. As soon as I saw this view I knew I would love Udaipur. Just as Charlie and I settled down to one of the best curries I have eaten in India we noticed thousands and thousands of bats flying above us and it was the same every evening! I have no idea where they were going but I have never ever seen so many bats in my life.


The next morning I woke up ill. Pretty typical of me to get ill at the wrong time. I was so gutted but luckily we had decided to stay three nights in Udaipur rather than two, so we could time to make up for having a lazy/off day. Credit to Charlie who looked after me all day (after I threw a tantrum that he was contemplating exploring without me, probably slightly dramatic but hey! I was ill and I have a serious fear of missing out… Don’t try and tell me FOMO isn’t a real thing.) bringing me copious amounts of dried toast and water. To be honest, looking back on it, I think it was tiredness catching up with me, I slept nearly the whole day and night.

The next day I woke up as my normal self, demanding, bossy and ready to explore. Starting with Udaipur’s city palace where we explored more of India’s fascinating history.


Built on a hill top that gives a panoramic view of Udaipur, this palace took a whopping 400 years to build making it one of the biggest palaces in Rajhastan. I can absolutely see why Udaipur became known as the “Venice of the East”, I’m pretty sure one of the first things Charlie and I said was that Udaipur didn’t feel like India, but somewhere in Europe.

We slowly ambled our way through the palace to make our way to the harbour where Charlie and I would finally cross off one of the missions on our Indian bucket list. We took a boat ride around the glorious Lake Pichola and ended up visiting one of the stunning floating hotels. I could not stop taking pictures of Udaipur’s beautiful skyline.


We eventually reached the end of the palace where we decided to take a boat ride to see one of the floating palaces which is now a hotel.


On our way out of Udaipur (I was very sorry to say goodbye and very upset that I was ill and had wasted one of our days here) we stopped off at Saheliyon Ki Badi (or as I call them, the Udaipur gardens). Entry doesn’t cost a lot and it’s well worth a wander round. It’s actually quite refreshing to see so much greenery and water after becoming accustomed to the dust and humidity of India.


If I was to return to any of Rajhastan’s cities, Udaipur would be it. Easily one of the most beautiful cities I have been lucky enough to visit.

See you soon.

S x

P.S. We did visit Pushkar but our whole experience of Pushkar was terrible and I don’t think I can muster up a good blog post. But I’ll recap what happened in a wrap up post of India.



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