This Book Will Change The Way You Travel


Have you ever stayed in a city for a couple of days and then left feeling ever so slightly guilty because you may have kinda rushed through it in order to stick to your jam packed itinerary? But then as you slowly roll away from the city, you think to yourself, ‘you know what? It’s okay, one day I’ll come back and visit properly and see everything.’ You then sit back in your comfy seat, let the guilt wash over and watch the city quickly fade into the distance. Out of sight out of mind, right? Then, as you finish making those vows to return, your mind turns over to the really important things, like, your next destination. Another place that you’ll be spending two or three nights in before quickly moving on.

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Venice, Italy


After a short two and a half hour flight, Charlie and I arrived in Venice; the first of 10 cities we will be passing in our Eastern European adventure. Unfortunately, we only had 23 hours to explore and make the most of Venice so Charlie and I had no option but to hit the ground running. We went straight from the plane to a bus to exploring the winding streets of Venice.

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