Victoria, British Columbia.


Victoria. British Columbia’s capital. To be perfectly honest with you, I’m still not sure what I made of Victoria. Except whale watching and visiting various different gardens, I don’t think there was all that much to do.

In all fairness, when I arrived to Victoria I had started to feel a little homesick. It was the first time I had been truly alone. Eloise had flown home and all my friends in Vancouver were either going home or moving East so there was absolutely no chance of meeting them again. I spent my first night in the hostel, eating my noodles and catching up with Heartland.


The next morning I woke up with a cold and immediately started feeling sorry for myself, I decided that I needed to keep busy and get out of the hostel ASAP. I decided to visit Beacon Hill Park, this turned out to be the best decision as I had an amazing morning exploring.

I think I was taking pictures of these guys for hours because they reminded me so much of my university campus!

I walked all through the park and was about to head back to the hostel when I saw a signpost with ‘Look Out’ written on it. My curiosity got the better of me and I followed the signs for another twenty minutes. I’m glad I followed the sign as it led me straight to the sea. After being landlocked for almost a month (except for the time I spent in Vancouver but I didn’t get close to the sea) the ocean was a welcome sight and lifted my spirits immediately.


I slid all the way down the gravelly and steep cliff side to take some pictures. It was so windy but it was so beautiful and it felt amazing to be stood in front of crashing waves again, I kept my eye out for whales but no such luck.

I headed back to the hostel to catch up with my Mum before grabbing a slice of pizza and heading into town to peek into some of the shops. If you’re big on souvenir shops, Victoria is the place for you, there are heaps of them everywhere you look! I’m not big on souvenir shops so naturally I opted for the nearest stationary store and I found these beautiful cards painted by local artists to send some to some friends.

As I look over the notes from my journal I’m starting to remember why Victoria wasn’t the best for me. Here’s why:

Throughout my trip I had only been booking my accommodation a couple of nights before so that I could keep my schedule flexible. This had been working well for me until I found out that the HI Hostel in Victoria could only accommodate me for two nights instead of three, so I booked into Ocean Hostel for my last night.

This would have been all fine and dandy had I not booked a bus to Tofino, leaving from the HI hostel the next morning. I didn’t want to unnecessarily carry my bag back and forth. So I decided only to take the essentials: pyjamas and toothbrush and I would leave the rest of my luggage at HI Hostel, ready to be loaded on the bus the next morning.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t check into my next hostel until three so I decided that I would take a walk before going there. After all, there was only some light drizzle and I really wanted to see Fisherman’s Wharf. I got to the wharf and it was beautiful, even in the rain, but nearly everything was closed. I thought I would get some amazing photos of the coloured houses reflected in the moody harbour but the water was just too restless and the rain was getting heavier so I couldn’t take any photos without potentially damaging my camera.

No matter, I would continue my walk. And this is when then the heavens truly opened.


My casual stroll then turned into a disaster as I got completely and utterly lost. The paper bag I was carrying my things in then split, absolutely soaking my pyjamas and everything else in the bag. My boots and jeans were soaked through and I was absolutely freezing.

No matter, I could just change into different clothes at the new hostel. Oh wait. I had no dry clothes to change into because my bag was at hostel number 1. Disaster. Complete and utter disaster.

2 HOURS, 10 kilometres and many directions later, I stumbled into a coffee shop absolutely soaking. I was feeling very sorry for myself so bought a $5 hot chocolate and sat there for an hour and a half.

I then made my way to the hostel where my bed still wasn’t ready. Thankfully the woman let me have a hot shower and a nap in their lobby. As I was about to leave the woman offered to put all my clothes into the drier so I quickly changed into my wet pyjama bottoms (which were thankfully just a pair of black leggings) and headed out.

After a cheese burger and fries at burger king, I rushed back to the hostel eager to get into my tumble dried clothes and that pretty much sums up my day in Victoria. The moral of the story is bring an umbrella or a waterproof jacket when walking in the rain, don’t be like me who had neither.

Lots of love!

S x

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