The ULTIMATE South West of England Roadtrip

So it’s the end of the Backyard Adventures series, I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to conclude but I’ve been struggling with university deadlines and it’s been very hard to write any blog content! I thought a fitting conclusion would be planning an awesome road trip around all my favourite places surrounding my home. There are so many destinations that I wanted to include that I have created three different trips. A short one which can take place over a weekend, a medium trip which would take around a week and then a long one which I think would take around two weeks. So  whether you are aren’t able to go abroad this summer and still seeking adventure or for those of you who are looking to broaden your UK horizons outside of London then LOOK NO FURTHER! I am here to present you with what I believe to be the best of the South West.

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The Student Traveller’s Guide to Bali

Recently a few of my friends (this is for you, Maria and Mum!) have been planning their trips to Bali and like me last year, have no idea where to start. I just knew Bali as… well… Bali, the place with great surf and great beaches.

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