3 Winter Resorts for Beginners


And so Summer is long gone and Winter has officially arrived. I always convince myself that Winter is great, then when it finally arrives, I remember why it really isn’t. The cold, the wet, the need to wear fifty layers under a coat… Then suddenly those Summer blues arrive and I find myself reminiscing about Summer… I’m looking at you India and Bali! But the one thing that makes Winter seem that little more appealing is snow sport. I feel pretty confident when I say some kind of snow sport (whether it be skiing or snowboarding) is on everyone’s bucket list. Well, I know for sure it’s on mine. With Charlie being an avid skier, I have never been keener to go.

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Valentine Gifts for the Travel Obsessed

I’m not a massive Valentine’s Day person, never have been and I probably never will be but I love buying presents and will take any opportunity to do so. Especially considering mine and Charlie’s anniversary is right around the corner. I find that Valentine’s Day is always a tricky one, it’s not quite as special or important as a birthday or Christmas so you don’t want to spend too much but you don’t want to be ungenerous. So, I am here to help! I have compiled a list of my favourite gifts, naturally they’re all travel related and I think most of these would work well for any travel obsessed girlfriend or boyfriend.

Picture found on pinterest.com with credit to http://www.coordinatescollection.com/


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Travel Tips: What Technology Should You Bring Abroad

If all technology suddenly disappeared today, our whole world would come to a stop. As 21st century human beings, we cannot function without it in our lives. Most of us can’t function 24 hours an hour without looking at our phones/laptops/iPads, so when it comes to travelling for a month, how do you decide what technology you should bring?

credit to http://misszeit.tumblr.com/

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Travel Tips: What’s in my Backpack

I guess normally this kind of post would be what isn’t in my suitcase; before every trip I pack up the majority of my belongings including clothes I never wear and things I never touch. The kind of things you never throw away because, well, you never know! It might come in useful… I mean why wouldn’t I bring a glass photo frame that was clearly going to smash in my suitcase… Yes. That did actually happen…

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