My Top 7 Destinations for 2015

With the New Year fully under way, it’s time to think about new experiences and new adventures.

The thought of a brand new adventure and a brand new country is always exciting, trust me I know. That feeling when you look at a map and start planning a route, the shivers of excitement that run down your spine, the jitters you get when you start looking at flights, it’s easy to get carried away…

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Happy New Year!

pinched off @frankiebods instagram

As the new year rolls in, I am feeling more motivated than ever. My room has had a pre spring clean and whilst my desk may remain cluttered, the rest of my room is not and you know what they say, tidy room, tidy mind! (And no, I don’t mean kitchen… that is supposed to be the saying… right?) So for the first year ever, I have thought of some semi decent new years resolutions which I am going to try the best of my ability to keep. So without further ado, drum roll please….

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October Antics

It’s almost the end of October and I can’t believe how fast this year is going!! October has been a hectic but good month for me and I have kept my Instagram up to date with what I’ve been doing. Instagram is easily my favourite form of social media, I love having a place to document the small things that happen in my life! Here is what has happened in October in an Instagram timeline.

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